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Cashback made easy
Save with grace. Eat, drink or shop, and then simply pay with a linked debit or credit card to earn your cash back and rewards.
Gift cards, prizes and more
Instantly win prizes from all of our businesses. LuckyDiem adds its own awesome prizes like tickets to sporting events and concerts.
Compete with friends
Loyalty just became fun and rewarding. Earn points and perks when you and the friends you’ve invited to join LuckyDiem make purchases at your favorite places.
Support local business
The cost and complexities of digital marketing, not to mention competing with e-commerce, have made running a small business more challenging than ever. LuckyDiem is helping the small business owner by virtually removing all of digital marketing’s risk. By choosing to use LuckyDiem, you are choosing to support your community and the hundreds locally owned businesses that make it a unique and vibrant part of your neighborhood.
Save money, save lives
LuckyDiem makes it easy to not only save money, but save lives. With every reward that is shared, LuckyDiem makes a contribution to Hope & Heroes, a nonprofit focused on childhood cancer at Columbia University Medical Center.
Search, save, loyalty
LuckyDiem bundles everything you need and want into a single app. Discounts, gift cards and customer loyalty programs all rolled into one.
Seize the play!